COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice

30 April 2020:  The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is contracted to provide testing of candidates for Police entry in Victoria.  In view of the current situation with COVID-19 special arrangements are being implemented with the agreement of Victoria Police for the next round of testing from 1st May onwards.

Victoria Police needs to continue the face to face testing of recruits in order to meet its demand for police officer training at its academy. The COVID-19 situation means the following special measures have been implemented:

  • Tests normally held on one or two days for approximately 600 candidates will be spread over two weeks.
  • There will be up to two exam sessions per day.
  • Only 28 candidates will be allowed per session.
    • Candidates will be spaced a minimum of 1.5 metres apart, providing a minimum ratio of 1 person per 6 sq metres.
    • Cardboard partitions will be used behind each monitor to create a barrier.
  • Additional cleaning services have been scheduled to ensure areas are sanitised both during the exam day and after hours.
    • Supervisors will wipe area used with sanitiser in preparation for next candidate group.

Candidates will be expected to follow these additional requirements

  • ‘Opt in’ to a test session, or they can defer the exam until later in the year
  • Ensure they have not had exposure to virus or are to be in self isolation
  • Wear a mask if they have one
  • Follow social distancing markings
  • Make use of the hand sanitizer provided
  • Agree to a temperature check  – those over  38.4 degrees will be excluded
  • At each computer terminal – use the provided alcohol wipe to wipe mouse, keyboard, desk, headset.

Affected candidates will be contacted directly with further instructions.